CDEI report on Responsible Innovation in Self-Driving Vehicles

On Friday 19 August, the Government’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation published a report on Responsible Innovation in Self-Driving Vehicles. John McDermid and I were the expert advisers for this one, which had been gestating for a while before emerging alongside a broader plan for connected and automated mobility.

The CDEI report has some pretty wide-ranging recommendations. We spoke to questions of safety, privacy, transparency, public engagement and more. I did a thread on some of our conclusions:

There was plenty of interest in the report from the BBC. In addition to an online news piece, I was on the Today programme with Paul Newman from Oxbotica.

I also did the local radio rounds (BBC Oxford, Wiltshire, Cambridgeshire, Newcastle, Northampton, Stoke and Sheffield) and a bit on the BBC News Channel to end the day:

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